The darker the color, the harder it gets!

Posted by: JonWhalen  /  Category: Paint Department

When you pick a color for your car, you also set yourself up for how much work it will be to keep it looking nice.  A white care looks nice when you wash it, a jet black one looks like it needs to be waxed & polished after you wash it.  Tri-coat or pearl colors look cool in the right light, and attract lots of attention.  They are also very difficult to match and may require lots of color blending to look right, and can be twice as expensive to repaint as a normal color when it gets damaged.  We suggest staying away from “fad” colors you may like, like orange, yellow, lime green, or purple.  They all look cool when they’re new and that color is “in style”, but not everyone will drive a car that is “different”.  With these colors when the “fad” gets stale, it means you may not be able to sell or trade it in for as much as a normal color car of the same model.  Interior colors and fabrics often have the same effect on how much work will be required to keep it looking nice.  Light color interiors look dirty quickly with even light use, if you allow eating, drinking, kids, pets, or cargo in your car, stains will quickly appear that will require professional cleaning to get out.  Leather feels nice and looks plush, but its cold in the winter, and hot in the summer.  Leather is also easily damaged and very expensive to repair.   If you haul kids or pets, I think having a leather interior is the only thing worse than having that light tan or beige interior.