Got Gas? ¼ tank is EMPTY from now on, Okay?

Posted by: JonWhalen  /  Category: General Car Tips

Something to keep in mind, every time you get fuel, you get a little water and contamination with it. The older your car, the more water and contamination ( dirt ) you have in the bottom of your fuel tank. If you run your fuel tank low enough you will suck up water and dirt that’s in the bottom of your tank. Dirt clogs your fuel filter, if you are lucky if not it will get thru the filter and plug up your fuel injector nozzles. Water on the other hand if it’s sucked up by your fuel pump will freeze, if its cold enough out. It is very hard to force thru the fuel filter, and won’t burn if it gets thru the filter and to the injectors anyway. If you have a clogged fuel filter, clogged fuel injectors, or your fuel pump dies from having to pump water or dirt thru it, your car may not run at all. Your car may have poor performance, have drivability issues, and you may even suffer with reduced fuel mileage. To lessen the likely hood of these problems I strongly suggest you consider using ¼ tank on the fuel gauge, as your new empty mark and only operate on the fuel a ¼ tank and up. On top of the contamination issues “ lurking “, in the bottom of your fuel tank, there is another potential problem you will be avoiding. A fuel pump gets hot when its running, especially if its struggling to pull fuel from the tank bottom, what cools the fuel pump is the actual fuel the pump is operating in.When you run the tank way down, there is nothing to cool it. the pump overheats and that drastically shortens its life. Fuel pump replacement can run into the $500.00 range, do yourself a favor keep it covered with the fuel in your tank, and you may never need one. If you still find yourself running on empty once and awhile, do yourself a different favor, have your fuel filter replaced every year or so. You can also add “ Dry Gas “,  its main ingredient isopropyl alcohol, which will absorb water in your tank and allow you to get rid of it. A treatment four times a year is usually enough, its sold under many names that all  do the same thing, you can get it at the gas station, a auto parts store, and even a lot of grocery stores carry it in the winter time. A bottle that treats a tank of gas should be less than $3.00, which is cheap insurance.

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