Car Terms To Know and Tell

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L.O.F. – lubricate chassis, Change oil and filter, some vehicles have no chassis parts that are grease able

A.B.S. – antilock brake system, pumps your brakes for you, allowing faster and more controlled stop.

It works by not allowing brake pressure to lock up, any 1 or more wheels on your car during braking.

Check Engine Lamp – when it stays on after the start check cycle is advising you that there is, or has been a malfunction in your drive train that is causing excess emission of pollutants or a reduction of fuel economy. When the lamp is flashing on and off, it typically means the car has recorded a malfunction that will also effect performance and if not corrected the problem can cause permanent damage to emission control system or the  engine itself. ( other names for this lamp are , M.I.L.”malfunction indicated lamp”, or the”Service Engine Soon”lamp )

S.R.S. – Supplemental Restraint System, safety system commonly called air bags, they can be just inflatable, none reusable air bag cushions that pop out of dash and steering wheel to prevent you body crashing into the inside of your car during a collision. Many cars also have these devices in roof sills, or seat covers for protection during a side impact. These systems also incorporate devices to pre tension seat belts, just prior to air bag deployment which assist in restraining passengers during a collision. On a important note BE AWARE that if the air bag lamp stays on after its start check cycle, or comes on while driving its telling you your air bag system IS NOT WORKING, and needs service RIGHT NOW.

“E.C.M.”, Electronic Control Module, is a computer that controls a system or device that helps us with the operation of your car.

“B.C.M.”, Body Control Module, is a computer that helps control body systems thru out the car.

“P.C.M.”, Programable Control module ,  Is a computer that is programmable by the consumer, such as”memory seats”, climate control, memory mirrors, or audio preferences.

“T.C.S.”, Traction Control System,, Is a system or feature that applies minor brake pressure to the spinning drive wheel so that both drive wheels can be engaged to assist you in low traction driving conditions, also known as when its”slippery out”.

“CRANK SENSOR”, is a magnetic sensor that tells engine control computer where the crankshaft is at anytime during its 360 degrees of rotation.

“CAM SENSOR”, a magnetic sensor that tells computer where camshaft is at anytime during its 360 degrees of rotation.

“M.A.S.”, Mass Airflow Sensor, is a sensor that measures density of air coming into engine, which then allows for controlling fuel / air mixtures to improve engine performance.

“T.P.S.”, Throttle Position Sensor, tells the engine control computer where you have your throttle set at, so that it can adjust fuel flow, and timing according to actual throttle position.

“I.A.C.”, Idle Air Control , Is a electrical part that controls bleed air flow into engine when throttle is in closed position, so that engine idles at a specified engine speed.

“M.A.P.”, Mass Air Pressure sensor, tells engine what barometric air pressure is so engine computer can adjust fuel / air mixture properly for peak efficiency.

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