Car Words – Part 3

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We’re Going to Have to “ SCAN IT “ –   think of it as, us being able to download what happened ,or observe what various electronically controlled systems in your car are doing during operation. It’s a lot better than guessing what’s wrong with it.


“ E.G.R. VALVE “ – stands for exhaust gas recirculation valve , a engine control that takes unburned exhaust gases and runs that gas back thru the engine to reduce pollutants.


“O-2 SENSOR “ – or oxygen sensor meters oxygen levels in the exhaust gases, allowing the computer to adjust fuel delivery to the engine. the downstream O-2 sensor is strictly a monitor sensor to report catalytic converter efficiency or converter failure. This sensor can damage the catalytic converter, which is a expensive part to replace, BE ADVISED !


“ CATALYTIC CONVERTER “ –  slang term is “ Cat”, is a part of exhaust system that greatly reduces pollutants, thru the use of a catalyst to convert nasty exhaust gases into something less nasty. The converter is costly to replace, typically last 10 years or 100,000 miles, and can be easily damaged if your operate your car in poor running condition. Cost to install a good quality unit in a average car starts in the $350.00 range. There are vehicles that use more than one converter to control emissions, so don’t ignore that check engine light, it can be a expensive mistake.


“ THERMOSTAT “ – is a valve in your cooling system that helps your engine warm up as quickly as possible, today’s car needs to get up to temperature as quickly as possible, so that it can get good fuel economy, produce as little pollution as possible, and so you can get heat from the heater. They should be replaced every couple of years, or anytime your car is not coming up to “ normal operating temperature within 10 minutes operation. This little job ( $50.00 to $90.00 ) will save you fuel, reduce pollutants, and make your winter a little bit warmer.


“ COOLANT “ – the liquid that flows thru your radiator, engine, and heater to control temperature. Coolant should be 50% antifreeze and 50% clean water, because of the potential to cause damage if you mix the wrong types of coolants together, we only recommend using a “ Universal, Global Type coolant which mixes safely with any type of coolant that is in the car prior. BE ADVISED, if you are low on coolant the first thing you may notice is poor heat out of heater. Because the heater is located higher than the engine and radiator, you will lose heating before the engine temperature gauge starts to start running high. Also be aware your engine will be ruined very quickly if it has no coolant. Most cars have aluminum engine parts today, and are often badly damaged with only one incidence of overheated operation. Be ADVISED !


“ SERPINTINE BELT “ – The rubber drive belt that transfers engine power to the belt driven accessories.

These include alternator, power steering pump, water pump, and the a/c compressor pump. Because this belt runs everything, you cannot drive a car without this belt more than a few minutes . Its possible to cause damage  if you run the engine without it, for too long. This belt should last 3 years or 35,000 miles.


“ TIMING BELT “ – Is a rubber drive belt that ties the crankshaft,  and camshaft’s together, it also maintains the cam timing so that’s valves open when they are suppose to, typical service intervals are every 90,000 to as much as 125,000, because in most cases there is little extra labor involved to do the water pump, and thermostat at the same time as timing belt, its often recommended to replace those parts at the same time.  BE ADVISED, a timing belt failure will leave you broke down for sure, the engine cannot run without it. But if your car has a “interference engine “ when the timing belt breaks, to cam timing will change and your pistons and valves will start running into each other, the result being a ruined engine and very expensive repair. If the manufacturer says change belt at a certain mileage point, we want you to change it too.


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